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Assembling and Rigging

A) Each footstrap is mounted with two screws and two washers. The straps are centered and moved forward for entry level sailors and light wind conditions, aiding stability and easier maneuvering. Adjust the straps to fit your individual size.
B) Tighten the vent screw, and keep it closed when sailing.

C) Insert the fin into the fin box. Place the fin bolts and metal washers inside the rubber safety washers and insert the fin bolts into the board through the fin bolt holes. Tighten the screws.
D) The daggerfin is retractable. When sailing in non planning conditions, slide the fin knob back with your foot, moving the fin into a vertical position.

E) Avoid sand from entering the fin slot, and wash your board before use, if necessary.
F) Insert the mast base. Position it in the middle and tighten it.

G) Assemble the two piece mast and insert it into the mast sleeve. Insert the mast extension and tighten the down haul. Position the boom in the correct "shoulder high" position and clamp it to the mast. Mount the outhaul line and tension it until you have a nice even sail curve.

H) Tie your uphaul line to the boom, and pull the rubber band over the mast extension.

I) Mount the rig to the mast base.     J) Always wear a certified life west.