Move Descriptions

Spock ::
Standard: This maneuver is an extension of the Vulcan; hence its name. The sailor performs a vulcan but keeps the board spinning to complete a full 360 degree rotation by leaning over the nose of the board and pushing the sail thru the wind by backwinding the sail until the clew passes thru the eye of the wind and complete the sail rotation. Kind of anaerial downwind 360. Or, a 180 degree extention of the Vulcan.
1-Hand: A Spock performed by using only one hand during the the second sail rotation.
540: A spock performed with an additional 180 degree board rotation so the move is a transition.
Diablo: A spock performed by ducking the sail at the end of the move instead of flipping the sail.
Clew-1st: A Spock performed clew-first so the first sail rotation is not necessary.
Air: A spock performed completely in the air.
Pipa: A spock performed with your back to the sail.
X-stance Clew-1st: A spock performed with switch stance and clew first.

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